Moisture + Mugginess = Stay Inside and Hide!!

The past three days have been overcast and horribly muggy, with record breaking temperatures in the 90s!  Instead of bringing relief, late day rains have ushered in overnight sogginess…..enough apparently, for this to happen:

Mushrooms in my bromeliads!

Mushrooms growing in my bromeliad container!?!

Billbergia windii  in Spike

Billbergia windii in Spike

Teeny tiny mushrooms at 3:15pm., 06/01/12

Teeny tiny mushrooms at 3:15pm., 06/01/12

June 1, 2012 Tornado Warning 6pm Vero Beach

“Stay inside and hide!” texted Jack, upon receipt of this photo ;)

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10 thoughts on “Moisture + Mugginess = Stay Inside and Hide!!

  1. I hope the tonrado literally passed you by, such scary things!
    Everytime it rains I’m amazed at how plants react – no matter how much I may water, when it rains they put on inches overnight. A wonderous sight!

  2. We’ve had the same jungle weather and tornado warnings as well, both of which are unheard of in late May in New Hampshire. We are also getting rain today and I’m hoping I see some mushrooms tomorrow-they make for interesting blog posts!

  3. I wonder if it’s shaping up for a bad hurricane season. We had two Atlantic tropical storms in May, before the season officially starts…. Fingers crossed it won’t be!

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