Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette (2nd Submission)

Have you heard?!? Hurricane Sandy is slamming Cuba and hovering near the coast of South Florida! :shock:  We’ve been under a tropical storm warning since last night when high winds created these striking silhouettes.

(Photos taken at 2min intervals beginning at 6:51pm; none were altered in any way)

Queen Palm Silhouette 1 Oct 24, 2012

Queen Palm Silhouette 2 Oct 24, 2012

Queen Palm Silhouette 3 Oct 24, 2012

Queen Palm Silhouette 4 Oct 24, 2012

I’ve NEVER done a second entry for a photo challenge, but these were too perfect to set aside! :)

Until next time……

:) :)

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette (2nd Submission)

    • Thanks!
      It’s hard to know which meteorologist to believe on this one! Within the past few hrs I’ve heard everything from “no big deal..only rain and moderate winds” to “bring in all your outdoor “missiles” and hunker down, this will be baaaaadddd”
      Geez!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully your man gets on his plane with no delays or schedule changes!

  1. Wonderful photos! To bad that Sandy is close by. From what I have seen and heard you will be hit hard by rain and winds as she goes by. East coast of FL from West Palm Beach Northward will feel the hurricane winds and torrential rain. Please be safe. You have taken some of the beautiful shots Sandy has to throw at you :) Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

    • thank you!
      The Weather Channel is my constant companion on days like this, and though their forecasters are alarmist (sometimes) they’re great at drilling “preparedness!!” into your brain. ;) To that end, I think I’m ready!

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