Wordless Wednesday: 6/18/14, Seagrass Planters

Every Saturday, the Beachside Farmers’ Market offers fresh foods and horticultural products to the residents and tourists of Vero Beach.  One day I may actually break down and buy a few of these beautifully crafted containers at the Akamai Accents Booth.



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Until next time…

:) :) :)

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13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 6/18/14, Seagrass Planters

  1. I can imagine the temptation to buy: they certainly are beautiful things. I’m wondering what I’d actually choose to plant, though, without it clashing and becoming a battle of the attention-seekers. Perhaps the thing to do would be to overwhelm the planter with a huge birds nest fern. Yes – I’d like that :)

    • Those would look fantastic in them…as would Meredith’s suggestion of Bird’s Nest ferns. I’ve put the “wrong” plants in beautiful containers before and it detracted from the overall look!

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