Digging and……

Popular wisdom in these parts says winter is a good time for a vegetable garden….”They” also told us it’s easy to grow watermelons in spring, but that’s a story for later…much later…. as in maybe never.  😉 It didn’t end well.

In contrast, our vegetable saga is coming along nicely!

Here we are on November 11, putting in our little plants

If you think it looks dark…it is. Maggie is a 9 to 5’er, so we were planting under our security spotlights around 8pm!

Here’s how it looked the next day when the sun came up and we could actually take pictures of our tiny squash, spinach, artichokes, and pepper plugs!

Just a few weeks later,  all have tripled in size!  The crookneck squash have even begun to bloom!  Look!


Needless to say, we are  thrilled with the outcome thus far!

To be continued…..