…..And Swanky Swiggin’

so to continue…..

Today we were Chilly and Silly….

When overnight temps drop to 55 or below, Floridians start shivering, throwing the word “cold” around, and cupping coffee mugs as if warming their hands by a fire.

And here at small house, we’re no different!    Last night was “that” night and this morning we were secretly thrilled: we had an excuse to play a little longer with the new Keurig Coffee Brewer I bought the other day.

What a fabulous little machine! I must confess we’re totally infatuated with the lazy- susan K-cup holder you see next to it–we were like little kids spinning it around playing Swanky Swig Diner:

“would you like an Emeril’s or French Roast?”

 (flip it around) “How about tea?”

 (you’re shittin’, it makes tea?!)

 “yes and hot chocolate!”

 Small house = big heart…the dumb, silly things are truly the most priceless.

Until the next time, enjoy tonight’s sunset

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