The Bad, the Glad, and the Sad

Not all volunteers are welcome surprises. Some are downright pains-in-the-you-know-where!  Take a look at the Brazilian Pepper Tree bursting through my fenceline.

Do not be fooled by the beauty of these seasonal berries–this is one invasive, aggressive force of nature, and currently banned by the state!

They really ARE everywhere: on the vacant lot beyond my fence to the east, as well as the southern periphery easement along the back property line. Because they grow dense so quickly, Brazilian Peppers have had a big impact on the Bermuda Grass at small house…but that’s an entry for another day.

Continuing with our tree tour…

 I love palm trees. Being able to wake up, take my coffee outside EVERY day of the year and see palm trees makes me happy.  This is the one i see:

Ain’t she pretty???

Then we have the Japanese Orchid Tree, dead center in the yard, whose lovely blooms i’ve already shared with you. Here is the actual workhorse….err, um, tree, albeit a tad weighed down..She doesn’t seem to mind!

That wraps up the bad and the glad.  With a heavy heart i must tell you the sad.

I got word today that a friend up north had passed on.  She was not someone i’ve kept in touch with since moving south, except through the mention of others, but she was someone with whom i shared much at a time in my life when i shared very little.  She was maximumly loyal to those she cared about,  an incredible mother to her children and grandmother to their’s.

Coyote howl –

the trees surround this silence

She’s gone

RIP, Diane

Until next time……