In the Weeds…..

New England is the diner capital of the world…If you’re from that part of the country, it’s a safe bet you’ve either worked at one, or chowed down at many..The pace is fast, the orders constant, and the door ever revolving–in short its a busy place, with a shorthand-style lingo all its own…. If you’re wondering how this all relates to gardening, I’m about to tell you….

Today, i was (literally and figuratively) “in the weeds”…diner-talk for not being able to keep up!

Weeding here is  thankless and endless!  What you yank out in the morning laughs at you, then signals friends and relatives to take its place!   Yesterday, Maggie worked on clearing underneath our newly sprouted vegetable patch; today i focused on the rest of the ranchero and perimeter beds. It sure is a alot of work..enough to make you want to “flop two, over hard” or maybe “drown the kids!”  Relax…those were egg references!!

So anyway, after we ate, I decided it might be nice to show off what bloomed here in November, so i uploaded a gallery  Click here to see the pictures!

Enjoy the rest of your night….

until next time…..