Weekly Photo Challenge (Waiting)

Weekly Photo Challenge (Waiting)I took this picture on October 28, after a heavy rain stopped–I’d gone outside to check some seeds I’d planted earlier.  Passing the tree, I caught sight of a little froggy peeking out from his  tillandsia ” attached home.”  I like to imagine he patiently posed for me, but he was probably just waiting for the wan light to get a little stronger!

The terrestrial bromeliads that grow beneath the tree are also great for frog spotting!Neoreglia

I was even lucky enough to catch this one hangin’ around in the adjacent potted orchids!

Brassia Maculata and Frog

Until next time…..

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    • Thank you! The frog population at the Ranchero has exploded this year, eclipsed only by a variety of lizards, large and small. It’s much harder to get a good shot of a lizard, though I keep trying….they’re just so dang fast! Thanks again for finding me!

  2. Fabulous photos! I love watching frogs and toads in the garden, and they always (to me) seem to chose such odd homes, I remember one year finding a toad had half buried itself in a geranium pot! Mind you the toad didn’t mind too much when I watered 🙂

    • I love watching them play! We have some chubby type unlike the ones pictured, that get very active just past sunset, jumping and bumping into the metal panels beneath our porch screening. Noisy “pop! pops!” all around!

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