Gilding the Lily

I am first and foremost a lily gardener.

Double Tiger Lily

When i lived in New England, i would start my bulbs in pots atop low victorian scrollworked radiators that sat beneath tall bow windows. My late winter ritual was hugely successful. Each year we’d return from our Florida Easter vacation to plants that would bloom earlier outside (and bigger) than anyone else’s.  Our front stoop in summer was always the prettiest…well, at least, i like to think so!

10 years of lilies, plus anything we couldn’t squeeze into 1 carload, was left behind.   It was the cheapest way to make the move. Three extra suitcases were brought at a later date.  We were starting over

Two years have since passed and many things have changed. I plant my lilies directly outside now whenever i have new bulbs; their blooming and reblooming cycles are altogether different. Rain Lilies, a type i never knew existed, surprised me as recently as 3 weeks ago!   In the garden, as in life, there is always the unexpected!

Rain Lily

But there is something to be said for rituals. They bring comfort and security; a sameness within the new.

I have bulbs in pots, sitting on scrollwork.

Amaryllis Bulbs 2011

Amaryllis, dug up in October and forced into dormancy. My hope is for bloomtime in sync with my sons’ arrival at Christmas…A different place, an opposite season, but still tradition to have the prettiest stoop in town.  🙂

Until next time…….