Weekly Photo Challenge (Celebration)

I remember the very first time i recognized a perfect moment in time.  My college friends and I were gathered round a table at  the  “Hundred Days” Banquet. Someone lifted a glass to toast our graduation countdown, and the scene before me froze as if within a camera lens: Julie’s new navy blue dress, Mary’s chic-at-the-time Dorothy Hamill haircut, Linda’s shiny, long,  Asian black hair, and Janet standing with her hand on her hip. Decades hence I’ve lost touch with these ladies, but not with the night i realized it would eventually happen.

Living in the moment…recognizing perfect times the very instant they occur. This is worthy of celebration!  Here’s another one, preserved in digital form on June 20, 2011 at 1:45pm.Mulherns at the Beach

Where to begin the celebration of this one? Perhaps with the perfect Florida sky, or the water that looks more Caribbean than Atlantic?  How about the lack of seaweed?  Nature was amazingly cooperative on June 20, no doubt about it. The figures in this beautiful scene are my young adult kids, twenty-somethings poised to begin lives in three different directions.

When i snapped this picture, I had a sense of frozen tableau, of three people who love being together and playing like the kids they used to be…and that is worthy of celebrating, indeed!

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