Sleeping Beauty from Potter’s Field (day)

Look at what bloomed overnight!!!

Hippeastrum Papilio

You can see what it looked like 6 days ago, sitting on my parlor plant stand. What a difference a week made for this Sleeping Beauty!

In Zone 9, Amaryllis can be planted outside and stay inground year round, with a typical bloom cycle of March-June, depending on variety.  My very first Florida Amaryllis was received in January 2010 as a housewarming gift; it bloomed in mid April as seen here.Amaryllis April 2010 One of my favorites is this pink variety, purchased at Vero Beach Garden Fest in 2010.  This picture was taken during its 2nd bloom cycle at the Ranchero, March 4, 2011.

Pink amarylllis 2011

Here’s the original “housewarming” amaryllis (planted) and blooming in March, 2011.

amaryllis red stripe 2011In a previous post, I mentoned digging up the bulbs to force dormancy so I’d have flowers at a time of my choosing.  For further information on the process, check out an excellent pdf file from a professor of horticulture at North Dakota State University Agricultural Service.  As you can see, this potter had a field day!

Dormant Bulbs 2011Until next time!!!

ps. Take a peek at my October Blooms Gallery!  I’ll be back with a post about Monster Cosmos tomorrow!


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