Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant!

I really, REALLY, have no affection for rubber trees…especially the one in front of my lovely Palm, below.  When we moved here two years ago, several of it’s branches extended as high as the palm fronds!

Rubber Tree in front of Palm TreeDue to a combination of hard freezes (and equally hard prunings) I succeeded in taming it….somewhat…but this past summer, rapid growth kicked in, so we’re practically back where we started!

Enter my son, Jack, clippers in hand:

Jack with clippers, 2011

He begins to make a pretty good dent in it:

Jack and the tree, 2011

Before too long, a huge pile is accumulating!!!

Rubber Tree BranchesYayyyy Jack!!!!

An hour later, I snapped this final picture:

Jack posing when done!

I don’t know if its his size, or the pose, or the fact that he was fighting  (in gloves!!!  🙂 ) with a rubber tree, but while he was working, I had flashbacks to a scene in Rocky Balboa when Stallone enters the ring to a song made famous by Sinatra…you know the one…but if not, here’s a refresher:



Comically appropriate, yeah?

Anyway…..thanks to Rocky….er, um…Jack, there are less aerial roots and buttressing branches inpinging on my yard space…and that’s a good thing!!

Until next time……


4 thoughts on “Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant!

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  2. I really hate rubber plants…the roots evade your plumming! Get rid of it completely before you have big bills! It happened to me!!! 😦
    Good luck!

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