Yaaaaayyy Me!!! Yaaaaayyy Family!!!

Last winter, while researching Florida Friendly Landscaping, I ran across information on our state’s Master Gardener Program: participants complete a 12 week course sponsored by the University of Florida, after which they are certified to participate in community garden projects.  I was immediately interested……so……I applied.

Today, I was accepted!!!  Yaaaayyyyyy me!!!!!

Class starts on Jan 10, and meets 8 hours every Tuesday for 3 months. I’m very excited to learn more about horticulture…especially soil science and organic pest control. To read more about the history and structure of Master Gardener Certification, click here!

Yesterday,  I told you about Jack and the Rubber plant.  Today, he continued his yardwork, attacking the invasive Brazilian Pepper Trees overtaking the fence.

Jack and Brazilian Pepper Tree

There he is again, behind yesterday’s “hatchet job!”:  Snip Snip!!

Jack cutting through vines

When he was done, it was time for the annual Sibling Christmas Picture:

TC, Maggie, Jack, 2011

Yaaaaayyy Family!!!

Such fine young adults are these three, I am honored to be their mother!

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