Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

On December 23,  the WordPress Photo Challenge called for submissions illustrating the concept “Between.”   Due to the bustle of Christmas and houseguests, I fell behind in my participation but am actually glad I did!  While reminiscing with my kids and looking through family photos, I remembered a picture worthy of a belated entry:

Between the Ivory Tower and the Office Tower

At first glance, you see a young man in the iconic garb of a single day, between the Ivory Tower of his past, and the Office Tower in his future.

Studying the photo more closely, you realize he’s crouched by a wall plaque, the source of his bittersweet facial expression, caught between happy and sad.  “Persevere with Love and a Smile,” it reads, in memory of his friend and classmate who died tragically last winter.

When i took this picture, I thought of a family who lost an enormous part of their future when their son left this world.  How radically life can change between February and June!

Something to bear in mind as we enter a new year.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

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  2. Thank you for sharing such a touching photo and story. sorry to hear about your son’s friend. It is a sad and tragic loss. My friend lost his brother yesterday. Between our New Year’s Party and the hours thereafter, we didn’t realize it was his last day on earth. I found out last night while at work. My friend is suppose to go home this week to say goodbye to his sick brother, he never got the chance. there were no words to describe what he is feeling right now. I wish I could do more than saying my deepest condolence for his grief. Life and what goes in between… wishing you and your family a blessed New Year.

  3. Terribly sad, isn’t it? Yesterday, while sitting at the beach, I overheard a lady speaking of her father who’d passed 7 years ago: how at every family party since his death, she was jolted by NOT seeing him. So really, even when death is “expected,” there’s still the shock of what that means for the future. I’ll definitely say a prayer and hold good thoughts for your friend and you as you deal with this aftermath.

    I want to thank you for finding my blog. I’ve read through yours as well and thoroughly enjoy the unabashed love you express for your family. I look forward to more from “one man’s journey.”

    Best wishes for 2012…I look forward to more from “one man’s journey.”

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