“Strong to the Finish when I Eats Me Spinach!!….”

Remember when I shared the planting of our first vegetable garden?   Well, today a cold front came through, so it seemed as good a time as any to harvest the bonnie spinach. Mature Spinach

These plants were actually a bit “over”mature as evidenced by the flowers emerging on several stems. Growing flowers takes up too much of the plants’ energy and depletes the nutrients needed for future leaf production.  Off with their heads!!!! spinach with emerging flowersNext, using scissors or a paring knife, cut the stems close to the base of the plant, and remove the leaves, working from the outside in.  While harvesting, assess the overall health of each plant, discarding anything damaged by leaf miners or other pests.karen cuts spinach If your growing zone permits a second crop, leave the growth coming from the center of the plant intact, to allow rejuvenation.

cut spinach leaves

Spinach is best used fresh, but will last a few days in the refrigerator before wilting. Remember, too,  the upper leaves near any developing flowers are edible, so don’t discard them!!!  They may be a bit “tougher,” but stay fresh longer!

Karen in Kitchen with Spinach

"Strong to the finish when I eats me spinach"


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15 thoughts on ““Strong to the Finish when I Eats Me Spinach!!….”

  1. Wow, woman! Yours looks just like in the store! These are so difficult for me. The first year they just didn’t, period. This year, two produced out of 4, but I only have one left. And my spinach leaves look nothing like yours! I wonder if it’s just a different type….they were long and skinny with spike type designs. But it tasted just like normal spinch. Is it only a fall plant or could I try it again in the spring, do you think? I’m determined to have some like yours. They are lovely!

    • hello!
      thank you so much for your kind words!!! I was actually shocked at how well this round of vegetables is turning out!
      Looking through your blog, it seems you are in georgia? i don’t see why you can’t try another round of spinach now, as long as you aren’t expecting anymore frost? The type we grew is called “bonnie” spinach, we planted it in tiny plug form (not from seed) in early November. Typically, i grow everything from seeds, but this past fall we got behind in planting so opted for home depot tiny plants instead.
      anyway, thank you again for reading my blog! I appreciate it!

      • Well, I’ll give it another round then. And now that I quit my crying, I learned my lesson with frost. I really don’t know what I was thinking. Oh, that’s right. I wasn’t! 🙂
        Bonnie spinach. I like that. Don’t they use the word “bonnie” for pretty in Scotland? How appropriate.
        We mainly grow from seed too, but when we don’t, the produce is so much more robust. Makes me wonder what they’re using in the nursery. Pixie dust?
        Keep it up, girl! You’re making me proud.

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  3. i have grown for the first time New Zealand spinach this year and actually have my first vegetable only garden – it is still a hit and miss thing, but I love it

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