Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Along the Treasure Coast, the word “launch” typically brings to mind Cape Canaveral and the Shuttle Program.   Because we live 1.5hrs south of NASA, beneath the flight path, we’re able to see each mission blasting toward space.  Last spring, when each STS vehicle took its final voyage, I stood outside smallhouse hoping to get pictures. NO LUCK!!!  Every single launch day saw Vero Beach socked in by heavy clouds!!  So, instead of sharing a launch in the literal sense, my entry is a bit more figurative though no less stellar.

Graduation as Launch

Worcester Polytechnic University, May 14, 2011: on this day, 700 men and women were launched into the world!   Including this one:

jack at graduation

I love the tradition of commencement exercises: the speeches and music; the accomplishment from hard work well realized;  pride and confidence in what’s around the next corner– those who walk to Pomp and Circumstance leave happenchance behind!

 As you can see from the pictures, this particular “launch” day also took place under cloudy skies, but we had no trouble imagining the bright trajectories ahead.

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