A Thorny Issue!

Today was a day for real yard work…not the roam around, isn’t-it-a-nice-afternoon, snip-here-clip-there primp fest; no, no….I’m talking SERIOUS diggin’!!!  Moving this guy has been long overdue!

madagascar palm

Meet Pachypodium Lamerei, aka the Madagascar Palm I bought two years ago, when it was half this height and not very thick.  I’ve always loved this genus, so positioned it where I could see it from the backporch when we sip our morning coffees.  Over the past year, it grew completely obscured by a Groundsel tree that “volunteered” directly in our sightline!  For months now, I’ve been debating which plant to move and where–a thorny issue if ever there was one!   😉

Today I noticed available real estate (open floor plan!! “full-sun!!”) in the Ranchero:

Ranchero open real estate

So I decided it was “moving day,” and prepared a new hole:

new holeLook at all those orange streaks: when you dig 3″ below the surface, you reach an icky layer of orange, crumbly, Florida sand!  Naturally, the soil needs to be amended before planting takes place, so I added a few inches of cactus soil.

6" hole with 3" amended soil

Next, I dug up Mr. Pachy P, as he’s affectionately known in the blogosphere  😉 , but I can’t show you that part… my helpers have gone home, and I can’t dig and hold a camera at the same time!  This is what it looked like “bareroot” before transplanting:

barerootI positioned it carefully in the prepared hole, propping it against a shovel for support.

Madagascar Palm propped against shovel

Then, using both hands, I spread the roots out (like the spokes of a wheel) to allow for growing space as they settle   Next comes several more inches of cactus soil to secure the roots before watering them in:

watering after transplanting

After the water drains, it’s time to fill in the rest of the hole, tamping the dirt THOROUGHLY with each addition. An air pocket is a root’s worst enemy, so bear down hard!

After one last good soak, the transplant is done!

Madagascar Palm in Ranchero

I like my new home!

Before I close this entry, I have to say this: I’m looking forward to tomorrow!  Its the first day of Master Gardener’s Classes!  I’ve got my notebook and pencils ready to go…now it’s time to lay out my “first day of school” outfit!   😉 (Remember how FUN that was?!) Wish me luck!!

Until next time…..

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