Pepperin’ to show you!!!

I’m really loving this winter vegetable growing!! I imagine it willl seem old hat in a year or two, but for now it’s a fascinator I can’t wear often enough!  🙂

After having great results with our spinach, we’ve been waiting for just the perfect day to bring in some peppers.  Yesterday seemed like a good time:


Sharpening the knife, I got busy, taking both!

cutting the pepper from the vine

After slicing off the second one, we noticed a teeny tiny newbie starting! (dead center, photo below)

pepper plant after cutting

The irony here is that I really don’t like eating vegetables! (wierd, I know!) Thankfully, Maggie isn’t wierd, so she’s become the official taster for both of us.   Being that it was lunchtime, she immediately got the cutting board:

pepper on cutting board


While we’re waiting for the tiny pepper to grow, take a look at what’s next from the Ranchero:


I actually LIKE these!!

Until next time……


7 thoughts on “Pepperin’ to show you!!!

  1. Your plants and veggies are gorgeous. I am pea-green with envy. I just got my squash and pepper seeds in the mail and we won’t even plant a garden til after last frost a few months away. I would love to live in a region like yours where I could have a garden in the winter too. Ah dare to dream.
    Congratulations on your great gardening!

    • LOL “pea green with envy” …..very cute and clever! Thank you for the kindness; learning the ropes of vegetable gardening is all new to me, but it’s definitely gratifying to see the process from start to finish. I’ve seen your various squash varieties on your blog and am duly impressed with how prolific your plot is! wow!

  2. Congrats on your delicious crunchy peppers! The squash is lookin good too! Vegetable growing is really a blast, isn’t it??? I just love it!!!

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