2nd Generation Greek :)

A day or so ago, I  told you about some favorite heirloom seeds that align nicely with my European heritage.  Now comes the tale of an unexpected traveller who arrived at my door from the fertile, far-away isle of Dionysius’s nuptials.  🙂  But first, the backstory.

In August 2010, Maggie left Florida for a 7month trip around the world that commenced in Ireland and ended in Guam. There were stops throughout Europe and then it was on to /Russia/Mongolia/China/So.East Asia/etc.  From place to place, she collected little souvenirs for the folks back home.   Fast forward a few months, to December..

During the week between my birthday and Christmas, I received quite a surprise: an envelope mailed from the Cyclades Islands!  Inside was a wonderful letter detailing Mag’s travels and a little black pouch containing a small opuntia pad snapped from a cactus at her Naxos Hotel!

naxos mother plant

I'm the mother plant!

The offspring opuntia was approximately 3″ round and already calloused over (overseas travel isn’t easy you know!!)  😉  so I immediately potted her up in the good ol’ American sunshine to establish new roots:

naxos opuntia pad

I'm second generation!

Thirteen months have passed, and Opuntia seems happy in her new digs!   She’s not only rooted…she’s growing a “family!”

opuntia is growing!!

We're Greek Americans!!

Sigh……Don’t you just love a good immigration story???

Until next time, enjoy this short video of Opuntia’s birth land….it’s as pretty as she is!

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