Weekly Photo Challenge : Peaceful

From March through October, as they have for thousands of years, sea turtles emerge from the waters along Vero Beach in pursuit of ideal nesting spots. Early morning turtle walks are part of our local sightseeing. Sure, some tracks are disappointing U turns back to the Atlantic, but oftentimes an enormous leatherback or loggerhead liked what she saw and dug out a nest!  Soon, you’ve followed a path directly to her  hidden egg clutch!!

Exciting?  Definitely.

The marvels of nature?  For sure!

Peaceful?    Yes…but not in the “idyllic scene” way we typically use the word.

sea turtle nest

Peace is sometimes enforced.

Entire statutes have been written to enforce this peacefulness…..and then….there are these reminders:

sea turtle protection sign

This ubiquitous green sign is tacked anywhere the eye might linger:  we aren’t the only ones using beachstairs and boardwalks!

If you would like further info on sea turtles, the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to begin.  Prefer being more proactive?  Check out the many resources and programs at The Sea Turtle Conservancy.

Come out of your shell 😉  :)!!

Until next time…….


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Peaceful

  1. Interesting picture especially since I was just in Ft. Lauderdale last week and saw a similar sign for the first time. I thought the same thing–that I’d love to have been there at the right time (ie March-October).

    • Hello!
      so glad you found my blog! I took a gander at yours as well and saw you posted a beach pic for this week’s challenge…funny thing is that I almost used a shot of a deserted lifeguard station as my selection, but thought of the turtles and switched last minute.
      thanks again for commenting!!

  2. Whoever lives in Florida or the West Coast are very lucky. They get to enjoy almost year round gardening and enjoy very unique nature. I hope dogs are not allowed in that beach. I really liked your immigration story 🙂 – beautifully written. When will the third-generation Greek-American come? Also, I am surprised that the post office didn’t catch the cactus!! As per the US immigration, you can’t bring or post any live things to the US. I know this since I am an immigrant as well ;-).

    • hello!
      i was shocked a plant slipped through our postal inspections, too! It’s definitely a no-no!
      BTW, I checked out your blogspot blog and saw you’re from boonton! I went to college with someone from there who used to sing his city’s praises ALL the time. funny what we remember from 30+ years ago isn’t it?
      thank you for finding my blog and commenting. 🙂

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