Seeds, Seedlings, Soils, Surprises!

Since last I posted, my gardening focus has been on seeds, seedlings and the all important soil preparation.  Actually, it goes back a bit farther….

I told you last month how we hard pruned our rubber tree, exposing a large bare area around it?  Initially, I wasn’t impressed, assuming the reclaimed space would be riddled with huge, barely hidden roots…well……you know what they say about people who “assume,” yeah?

When I commenced the soil preparation, I was shocked!  The huge roots I’d been expecting had all gravitated to one side, leaving a sizable area nearly root-free!  And better still, the soil looked and smelled “loamy.” (If you live in Florida, you know what I mean: good soil here has a VERY distinct scent!)

My oldest son and I had already encircled the area with pavers, so for the past week I’ve been busy amending the soil within. My initial plans of creating a disposable “annual” area have changed to this:

Watermelon Garden, Take 2!

Watermelon Garden, Take 2!

I say, “Take 2” because our previous effort last spring was an enormous bust!  I believe I started the seeds too late (March) and by June we watched the vines and tiny fruits wither away before our eyes!!!  It just gets too dang hot here in summer!
With this in mind, I decided to sow some flower seeds, too.  It took 4 days for these Clarkia (garland flowers) to germinate:

Clarkia seedlingsand 6 days to see some sprouts from this Burpee Fordhook Mix of chartreuse and purple annuals.

Chartreuse And Purple Annual Mix

I also direct sowed Molucella Laevis (Belles of Ireland) and Larkspur into my perimeter beds…Pictures to follow when they sprout!

As seems to be the case in my garden, I have many surprises growing…some I can’t quite figure out, like this:

Who am I?

and this:

Do you know my name?

And these  “squatters”  who found their way to long forgotten pots of old soil:

Please don't kick us out!

We're happy here! Can we stay??!!??

This last unknown plant (below) may be a Celosia. Although I’ve never owned or grown any, they’re very popular here, so seeds may have blown in from elsewhere:

Am I a Celosia?

As you can see from the closeup, blooms will be opening  soon:

Possible Celosia Blooms

Soon I'll reveal my identity!!

Until next time………


14 thoughts on “Seeds, Seedlings, Soils, Surprises!

  1. Oh soil prep for sowing is a great feeling. and all those wonderful flowers and colours to look forward to! I’m a bit envious of you getting your hands in the soil but it’s great to see gardens from around the world !

    • yes! seeing everyone’s efforts at growing (in life as well as in the garden) is one of the things I’m loving most about blogging! Before starting this, I imagined these journals were a solitary pursuit, but that’s definitely not the case… I’m learning so much from the give and take….very rewarding!

    • you are right…someone further down in the replies thinks these are a form of wild aster…I’m not sure exactly what they are, but some of the buds should open this week…..I’ll post a pic then. so maybe you can help with plant identification!?

  2. I guess you know from stopping by my blog that I’m going to take a run at seed starting some goodies myself this year . . .

    Good luck to us both! Yours look like they’re taking off very happily.

  3. Sadly not a Celosia. Some sort of Asteraceae weed (think dandelion, ragwort, cirsium or senecio). I can’t think of what the genus is but it will probably have not terribly attractive little yellow ray floret type flowers and dandelion like seed heads.

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