“We interrupt this broadcast…”

Do any of you listen to garden radio shows?  Most programs in this genre air on weekends, but if you can’t listen during broadcast hours I’ve found two that are available by podcast.  Both are particular favorites of mine for their common sense and informative approach.

First let me tell you about The Garden Rebel.

Robert Vincent Sims, aka The Garden Rebel, has been beautifying central Florida landscapes for more than 25 years, but his plant knowledge extends far beyond the tropics. Vince (as he’s known to callers)  hosts a local 1 hour show on Saturdays, and a 2 hour, nationally syndicated show on Sundays.  During his show, he often directs listeners to his public facebook page to see the plants being discussed.   Because he gets callers from Alaska to Maryland and in between, each time I listen, I learn something new.

Similarly, Neil Sperry from Texas is a gardener extraordinaire!  I’m in awe of this man’s knowledge. Be advised: his podcast page has alot more to offer than just audio. As you listen, be sure to check out the fully searchable “most asked questions” culled from the 200,000 he’s answered during three decades on-air.  Amazing resource, that!  If you live in place dealing with drought, I highly recommend listening to Neil: maximizing water usage is one of his top areas of expertise.  He also has a well vetted, excellent link page with resources ranging from plant societies to gardening equipment.

Now it’s time to interrupt this broadcast info……

I need to show you my agave:


This was one of my original purchases in January, 2010. When I say it’s grown exponentially enormous since then, I’m speaking the truth!  Now, check out the close-up:

Agave Flower Spike

Look at me grow!

Look at that flower spike starting!

I believe this is an Agave Guiengola, although I’m not 100% certain.  Earlier today I sent both pictures to the San Marcos Growers for help with an identification, but haven’t yet heard back.  Some agave spikes grow ridiculously tall while others top out at just a few feet….Alarming factoid….many of these seemingly strong plants die after flowering….How cruel is that??!!!  Needless to say, I’m curious about this one!  When I learn more, I’ll come back with an update.

It seems like forever ago when I posted about my super cosmos, and wondered how the next gen would grow.   Look at these pictures, taken yesterday:

Super Cosmos 2012

This is one of the “Super” variety. How about the size of that stem!  Here’s what it looks like from a different angle:

Super Cosmos Top View

Super Size Me!

Now for comparison, let me show you a group of three from a different part of the yard:


One of these things is not like the other  😉

Can you see the difference?  The center plant is a “super;” the ones flanking it are the normal, everyday, (dare i say “garden!”) variety.   Although they are now in the ground, these four plants were grown from the seeds of one Super Cosmos and started in pots.   I was VERY careful with seed harvesting because i was so fascinated by the results of my original plantings.

Definitely one of those “you had to be there” kind of things!  🙂 🙂

….back to the broadcast info….

If you can tune in to the Garden Rebel or Neil tomorrow, please do!  You won’t be disappointed!

until next time!

9 thoughts on ““We interrupt this broadcast…”

  1. Thanks for the links to the gardening pod casts sites I’m going to check them out here in a few minutes. I enjoy having more resources to read and learn more on gardening.
    Your flower plants are gorgeous. Your agave is very plump and healthy. I can hardly wait to see what the bloom looks like.
    I’ve never heard of a super cosmos. I’ve grown the regular garden variety before. I bet the super one is a peach to see in real life.

  2. A lovely post – I listen to Gardeners Question Time on Radio 4 (BBC) , I think I must have been listening to it practically all my life as my mum always had the radio on in the kitchen,as you say there’s always something to learn !

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