Both sides, now!

We’ve been having a nice stretch of weather, so today I got outside to take some pictures and do a bit of digging and repotting. Because winter’s been quite warm, growth in the Ranchero is a good month ahead of what I’ve seen during my previous two winters here…..take a look:

Ranchero, Feb 2, 2012

This is a side of the garden from which I rarely take photos, and I’m surprised by how full it looks!  In years past, the curly croton (foreground) and dracena marginata (left-rear) have died back to ground level; the amaryllis had 2 leaves at most, and the cosmos were nowhere near blooming.  Ditto for a sunflower located on the other side of the purple oyster plants….see?

Cinnamon Sunflower

An open sunflower on the second day in February?  Surely this is a sign the ground is ALOT warmer this year…. and here’s another one, from a part of the vegetable garden you haven’t seen before:

Thai Peppers

Pick me!! Pick me!!

Thai Peppers! Red, HOT and definitely ahead of schedule….we’ve been pulling these off (and eating them) for the past two weeks!

Maybe the planting “zone creep” announced last week is real, or perhaps recent events in my garden are randomly anectdotal. Only time and scientific data will tell, but I guarantee this last example will have you thinking about both sides, now!

Just before Christmas, I took a cutting from my very well established almond bush, dipped it in root hormone and placed it directly in my rear cutting garden instead of a pot.  I’ve noticed this past month how big it’s grown;  in the past week it even set some small buds!.  Today I dug it up to have a look:

Almond Bush Cutting

Holy Canoli, Batman!!!!!  You are looking at the cutting (with extensive roots!!) being held above the spot on the branch from which it was snipped.  I was so completely astounded I decided to pot it up for a friend:

New almond bush

Tomorrow I go to Ivana's house!

I hope she likes it!

Until next time!

11 thoughts on “Both sides, now!

  1. your friend will love that pretty little almond bush! great rooting job! your yard is really flourishing! i hope it stays sensible with warmth the rest of winter!

    • aww… everytime I see a reply from you, it makes me smile.
      ( BTW, When I read through your blog and saw you were a counselor, i wasn’t the least surprised….you’re a total natural! )

  2. Hot peppers in February–oh, to live in the south…..this time of year we Northerners are dying to get out in the garden. You must have vegetables year-round; I can’t even imagine such a thing….

  3. I envy your green thumb. I wish I had more time and money to put into gardening. Last year I tried my hand at more vegetables than flowers due to astronomical grocery prices. Although, I have to admit, that I really prefer to play in the flowers.

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