What’s in Bloom? Orchids!

For years, I avoided orchids for all the typical reasons: too hard to grow/rebloom/keep alive. Then, in spring of 2010, I saw my mother’s half dead phalaenopsis and avoidance turned to eagerness. “Sure, we can get this back among the living,” I told her!  By then I had 6 months of tropical gardening reading (and doing) under my belt and felt I understood epiphyte cycles. I took it home to repot, figuring new spikes would appear in 9 months to a year.

A year came and went–nothing…18 months rolled by…despite all the right feeding and pampering–still nothing!  In October 2011, I gave up and stuck it under the backyard tree, along with another half dead phal purchased from a clearance cart in Home Depot, during my earlier exuberance..

Well!! Hark the herald angels really DO sing!  Shortly after Christmas, spikes appeared on both plants!   On Valentine’s Day, my mother’s orchid finally began to rebloom!

Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid

Look at me!!

Purple Phalaenopsis

Do you like my head shot?

Today, I was thrilled to see the second bud fully opened:

Purple Phal 2/18/11

February Flower of the Month

I guess little Home Depot phal doesn’t like being left behind…this afternoon, it too started opening!

Small white & purple speckled phalaenopsis

Wait for me!!!!

Although it’s hard to see in these photos,  each plant has at least 8 buds already; the purple one has 2 side branchlets growing off the main spike with more flowers forming on both. The next few weeks should be full of fragrant flowers!

Last night I uploaded photos of everything that bloomed during the last two months. To see the Ranchero January/February flower gallery click here.  🙂 🙂

Until next time…..


24 thoughts on “What’s in Bloom? Orchids!

  1. For some reason, orchids were my introduction into severe allergic reactions…the kind that make your face and lips explode in fatness and requires a shot in the bumcheeks! I must enjoy orchids from afar, but these sure are gorgeous flowers. How strange though as my horticulturist friend told me that orchids are flowers with the least amount of allergens. I hope to this day it was the preservatives IN the orchid arrangement (as I stuffed my whole head in to take a deep whiff), but I’m too afraid to sniff another beautiful orchid. I think it goes without saying that I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS. Ha.

    • Yikes! Allergies are the worst! Maggie has a similar problem with the skins of apples/plums/cherries! We’ve surmised it must be a chemical on the fruits’ exteriors rather than the fruit itself causing the reaction…similar to your orchid preservative theory!
      thanks for stopping by my blog!

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