Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

From first grade through high school I attended Catholic Parochial schools run by the Sisters of St. Joseph. Then it was off to college where I was taught by Jesuits. .Although I’m no longer religious in an organized, institutional way, sixteen years of faith based knowledge permeates my thinking.  While some may freely associate the word “indulge” with cake and chocolate, my mind goes immediately to “indulgence” instead…which leads to the Reformation and Purgatory, and how posting a picture of Martin Luther to personify the movement is totally bush league!

So i decided to indulge in a different free association to come up with a better idea; this is how it went:

  • bush league
  • bushes
  • re-read yesterday’s post
  • Look at unpublished field trip photos
  • Cull 20 pics down to 3 favorites
  • Can’t decide
  • Decide I’m being self-indulgent
  • Eeny meeny miney mo!
  • Here we go:
Pond at IRREC Teaching Garden

This is NOT purgatory! 😉

Indulge in the beauty of nature and you might see Heaven on earth (instead of Martin Luther!)   😉

Until next time….. 🙂  🙂


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

    • thank you marcia! it was such a pretty place! hey do me a favor and check if my comments are getting stuck in your spam filter? All day long, no comments I’ve posted on other people’s blogs have shown up. so frustrating!

    • thank you!
      btw, I just came from your entry and funnel cakes are probably something I I shouldn’t see at lunchtime! its noon here in the states and i wouldn’t mind eating one right now! 😉

    • hello!
      that link to luther was actually more amusing than you might think! Do a google for him and you get A LOT of links to Idris Elba and Martin Luther King! I almost linked to the wrong luther!!!! hahahahaha

      Glad you liked the entry!

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