Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Although I mainly blog about gardening, I’ve been using the WordPress photo challenges to address subjects of a more personal nature. Stories of my kids, my thoughts and life-at-large have been shared without chronology or emphasis, in the way of a meandering chat among friends. If this blog is my conversation with generations to come, the reply will be in their interpretations….And if all of this sounds straightforward instead of distorted, bear in mind I haven’t shared this week’s photo yet.

First though, context before controversy!

My first experience living in the South was in 1983 when we moved to the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C.  During our 6 years in the Fairfax County area, we lived within a 30minute ride of Manassas, home of several Civil War battlegrounds. and historic attractions.  Given the location and background of the area,  I wasn’t too bothered by the Confederate Flag, (originally, the batlle flag of the Army of Northern Virgina) being displayed in shops, restaurants, etc. along with other Confederate novelties and souvenirs.   In 1988, we moved back North and I can count on one hand how many times I saw the symbol again.

For the past two years, we’ve been back below the Mason-Dixon line, and frequently seeing it flown as a symbol of Southern Pride.  This past week, I snapped this:

Confederate Flag

I cannot say what is in this person’s heart or why the Confederate flag waves here daily, but I do know one thing: our American Flag should not be sharing the same post with it!

I don’t like distorted thinking!  😡

Until next time……