Share Your World, Week 14

A few Sundays ago, I followed a link to Cee’s Life Photography where I found the Share Your World project.  Once a week, Cee posts four upbeat, non-political questions for participants to answer about themselves and the area in which they live. What a great way to leave a bit of family history behind….plus, it sounds like fun!!. The project is in its 14th week, but it’s just beginning for me…better late than never, yeah? 😀   Now, the questions:

1. Who was your favorite teacher? Which grade? Why?

Easy!!    Miss Borelli, Grade 5, in the days before Miss became Ms., the unmarried Nancy Borelli was my hero(ine)!  She was sharp, smart, and stylish.  She was a hip, intelligent feminist at a time when the term was just being coined.  I loved her teaching style! .She was vibrant and stalked the room, especially when teaching history, a subject she obviously loved.   When we’d be diagramming sentences “at our places”, she’d walk the aisles, pausing at various desks to offer individual help when catching an error. I was 10 and thought her so mature!!  (i later learned she was 28yo at the time!!)  ahhhh youth!

2. What do you like most about your house?

The garden! It’s the reason I’m on wordpress, after all!  If you want to see more, take a look at any page you see here

3. If you were forced to change the name of your blog, what would the new name be?

In the garden with Esther!    I would choose it out of sheer silliness! (In the way of crazy family inside jokes, my daughter and I call each other “Esther”)  However, to say it correctly you need to pronounce it as we would, with our Boston accents: “In the Gahhdin with Estah”

4. If a movie was based on your life, what actress would play you?

Sandra Bullock…I think she would do a fine job of all things “Esta!”  😉

As part of the “share” I’ll be adding a  “Picture of the Week” to illustrate something from the questions.  Here’s this week’s photo:

Esta and Esta

Esta and Esta attend a Graduation, May 14, 2011

Well that’s it for week 1 (or 14 )…  😯   A huge shout out to Cee for devising something so interesting and fun!  Don’t forget to read other participants’ answers by clicking here!

Until next Sunday, I’ll see you around the Ranchero!


10 thoughts on “Share Your World, Week 14

  1. That a peach of a photo. so much love and joy being shared between you two Esta’s. 😆
    Great post and fun project. I look forward to following along as you Share Your World. 🙂

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  3. Is it wrong that I think you’re even more adorable now that I know how small you are!?!?! I’m small, too, so it’s nice to find my own kind. Nice shot of you the two Estas…my daughter will tower over me one day, too.

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