Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

I was stumped by this week’s photo challenge until a rainbow appeared around suppertime, just ahead of our typical late-day rain. It jogged my memory of a VERY dramatic one I saw in Ft Pierce last November as a heavy storm ended at dawn:

Ft Pierce Rainbow, Nov 7, 2011

The sky was a study in contrasts!

Because rainbows are created by the internal reflection of sunlight in droplets of water, the bigger the droplet, the better the color; on the day I took this photo, the rain was the size of hailstones!

In Florida, rainbows appear all the time between April and September.  If you’d like to see others I’ve photographed (including today’s) check out my Facebook Album. For info on the physics of rainbows, the USA Today news site has a well written Sky Phenomena FAQ.

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

  1. Your photo captures the light so well and I can just imagine the air on that morning. I love the patches of light on the car and post and as you say the shadows are a very strong contrast. One of the bes rainbows I’ve seen in ages 🙂

  2. Nice picture, and have checked your facebook ones as well, also impressed. I took a few while on hols in Kissimee. We stayed in the month of june / july and there was storm every night for about half hour, and was all dry within a similar time. Sorry but you probably know this, but we were quite fascinated..;)

  3. Beautiful photo! We saw one at our last house that actually ended within our view. It was in front of a tree line at the edge of a field. I’ve never seen the end of one before or since. What would we do without digital cameras always at the ready!

  4. Very nice. One of the ultimate natural contrasts. I really like how it looks like we can see the end of the rainbow on the street.

    • It surprises me that we see so many here…I guess the temp and late day humidity make them an almost daily occurence! This particular one happened in the morning, but the same conditions were at work!

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