Seeds? Weeds? Where’d the Belles of Ireland go?

Let me go on record: I ABHOR list-making.  I don’t write down what I need at the store….I’ve never kept appointments in day-planners (even when I had 3 kids going in 3 different directions, 6 days a week for a total of 10 activities!!!)  Years ago, I had a neighbor who made daily lists; things like “make coffee” or “do laundry”   Huh???? Why would you need a list for things you do all the time?!   Why “lists” period!?!    Take a look again at the title of this post…. 🙄

If only I’d bought a p-touch!

Since mid-January I’ve been sowing flower seeds with great abandon and somewhat haphazardly. Although each seed “type” always starts in it’s own pot, it could end up elsewhere depending on individual growth patterns…sometimes I move half the contents of one container to something bigger (and pre-populated) with fast germinators of still different varieties.  I’ll show you an example:

Clarkia and Mirabilis share a pot

This container started as a huge pot of pink clarkia seeds (garland flower) half of which were removed to make room for calladium bulbs and pink mirabilis (4 o’clocks) from a different germination pot.  I know exactly what’s what!  A nice success story and no-list-required 😛

Other times, I’ll remove a pot’s entire contents, randomly using seedlings to fill in empty spots around the yard. As I dig them in, I make mental notes of what’s going where ➡ again no list required.  I guess you could say I garden the way I live, not by plan but by instinct.  It all works out so well…until it doesn’t!

One day you have a spot open and worthy of seedlings….a few days later you have this:

What weeds and seeds are these?

While I may not need a list to know what I planted,  I definitely need one for the plants sprouting up!  This is where it all falls apart: I keep forgetting that previous plants and weeds reseed waayyyyyy too easily here!  And while there’s no great mystery what these are:


there’s a definite question re: this one’s identity, in a pot where I sowed 3 Belles of Ireland seeds:

Weed or Seed?

I'm having an identity crisis!

My best guess is some kind of weed, although to be certain I’ll be checking two good online resources: The Seed Site in Great Britain and/or The Urban Detective here in the States.  (There’s a third one too, The Seedling Recognition Project, but I find the navigation there cumbersome and don’t use it often)

Although I don’t envision list-making for initial germinations, never let it be said I don’t learn from my mistakes!  An easy compromise could entail labelling a popsicle stick for each seedling as I place it in the ground, yeah?  (Bring on the  P-touch!) 😎   And If I spot those dang Belles of Ireland again, I’ll be sure to post a picture!

until next time  😉


4 thoughts on “Seeds? Weeds? Where’d the Belles of Ireland go?

  1. I never go to the grocery without a list or I forget something. I have my tomato seeds all labeled and will keep labels on them in the garden. At the end of the season, I’ll know which ones I want to plant again next year. Other than that, I don’t do lists or labels.

  2. Oh this is so true, it rings a few too many bells not belles 😉 . I found one of the best ways to know where I planted stuff was to take photos, not the sort I’d publish on my blog, but a literal snap shot of where the seeds/ seedlings were planted and a photo of a label. If I don’t label the seed trays I have absolutely NO IDEA what’s in them until it’s too late, but it’s fun in the garden with flowers and annuals just to srinkle a few seeds here and there and see what pops up 🙂

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