Share Your World, Week 16

Another week gone by!

Ready for this week’s installment of the Share Your World Project?  Here goes!

If you had a choice, which would be your preference: salt water beaches, fresh water lakes, hot tub, or desert?

As evidenced by where I currently live, I’d have to say “salt water beaches!”  In fact, I was at one yesterday 😆

Jaycee Beach in Vero Beach

It was a truly spectacular day, with a water temperature of 77 degrees!  Perfection!

What book do you think everyone should read and why?

The Passage, written by Justin Cronin and published in 2010.

I read it last spring and have NOT stopped thinking about it!  Imagine a post-apocalyptic world in which EVERY piece of technology and every modern device is made irrelevant as you fight for survival against a virus engineered by the military. Complicated characters and elegant sentences make each page a delight to read, even as you wince at the horror of it all.  766 pages, yet I felt it was too short!  The second book of this three part trilogy is due out in October and I can’t wait!

What’s your favorite way to wake up and what’s the first thing you do?

My favorite way to wake up?  Sans alarm clock! 😉 Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen often enough!  I REALLY dislike that jarring noise…. and the jolt it brings!   Once I’m awake, the very first thing I do is check my cell for messages from my sons. They live up north and sometimes text me after I’ve gone to bed;  seeing their little notes always kicks my day into high-gear!

What do you do to relax?

I spend time in my garden!

I took this picture on Saturday while pruning dead wood from a yellow alamanda.  I was surprised to see it’s first new bloom peeking through a nearby oriental arborvitae:

Yellow Alamanda peeking through Oriental Arborvitae

Today I repotted two orchids—a purple speckled phalaenopsis that looked tired after a cycle of blooming, and an older brassia severely cramped in its original pot. I also transplanted a plethora of mirabilis to an area with partial shade along the back fence. Basically I “puttered away” a good deal of the afternoon, and found it VERY relaxing!  😮

So there you have it ➡ a little glimpse into my (very) little world. 🙂 Now it’s your turn to participate by clicking right here!

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Share Your World, Week 16

  1. I loved reading your answers. I was especially intrigued by the book you talked about. I love sci fi and it sounds like it may fit that genre. I also want to move to where you live. Ahhh … beach weather already. I would LOVE that. 😀

  2. I don’t think anyone likes alarm clocks! I’ll have to look into the book you mentioned, I have a fondness for post-apocolyptic tales.

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