Certified and Mildly Infectious!

On Tuesday,  after completing a Plant Identification Test and Overall Practicum, our class joined the ranks of  Florida’s Certified Master Gardeners!  Yaaayyyyy!

Studying for the final, in the midst of all the notes, books, charts, websites, labwork, handouts, etc., I realized they’d crammed 2 semesters of material into 12 short weeks! I’m glad this part is over 😛  VERY intense training!

So that was Tuesday’s main event and on Wednesday, I got a HUGE surprise when I went online!   Hometalk.com had uploaded my papilio picture as their 3/28 “Good Morning”  Facebook “status” update!!  I’m still so excited by this!  Take a look ➡ click right here!  As of right now, 625 people “Liked” it with 147 “Shares”; but what thrills me most is Hometalk putting my blog’s url in one of their comments!!!  Whoa!!

I feel so…so….mildly infectious!!!  😉    If anyone from the Hometalk staff is reading this: {{{{{{{!Thank you!}}}}}}}

BTW, If you’ve never accessed Hometalk.com, I recommend giving it a go: I can’t think of any other site where consumers get immediate, detailed advice from licensed tradespeople.  I’ve been part of their social media based community just shy of a year and enjoy it immensely.

In other news around the Ranchero, yesterday I re-potted a few succulents.

Yucca,  Agave, Ponytail Palm

Joining a previously transplanted soft leaf yucca (left) are an agave guiengula (middle) and a ponytail palm (right rear.)  After flowering for the past 2 months, the agave’s spike is now spent. Although some agaves die after flowering, this one is showing new growth in the rosette center, and no offsets emerging from the base, making it a perfect time to re-pot. If it starts to die/produce pups, the new offsets will have fresh, new soil.  If it remains status quo, there’s plenty of room for the roots to expand.   Win-win!

The ponytail palm’s story involves a snapdragon “volunteer” in the same container. After several gentle tugs, it was clear the interloper wasn’t coming out alive 🙄 so the original pot was upended and both plants got new homes!  I can never let a dang “underdog” die!

Before I close, I’d like to share my newest flower blooms:

Amaryllis in the Ranchero

I just adore Amaryllis!  The picture above was taken last night within 30 minutes of sundown.  To give you a better view of the amaryllis at the top of the shot, I zeroed in on it this morning.  Gardens can look completely different from one time of day to the next!


Welcome to the garish Florida midday sun!  I’m sure I didn’t need to tell you this photo was taken at noon?   🙂    The next one is far easier on the eyes:

I'm sure I don't need to tell you this was a noontime photo?

The golden light of sunset is by far my favorite time in the yard.  There’s something magical about the glint of sun through the trees and the outline of clouds as the sky moves toward twilight.

Until next time….

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21 thoughts on “Certified and Mildly Infectious!

  1. I really like the contrast in light with the two amaryllis photos. The color difference is amazing, especially in the greens around the flowers.

  2. Congratulations all round! Studying and passing the exams is a real achievement and getting the links to your blog, well the world is finally catching up with what you have going for you!

    • Clare, you are so nice! Thank you immensely for the support you’ve given my blog since day 1! It’s been so informative reading your blog, btw…not to mention how fabulous your recipes have been!!!

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  4. I agree with you regarding the sunset lighting in the garden! Photos are magical taken then as well!!! Congrats on you completing your Master Gardener designation!!! Love your succulents!!!

  5. Thanks for visiting MOF, and congratulations! In doing sci-fi art, I may have to consult with you when I have to invent flora for my fictional world.

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