Sunflowers and Updates!

Remember when cultivated sunflowers were upwards of 10′ tall with only one head?  Those days are long gone!  Over the past two decades, hybridizers have altered this proud native icon in ways that make it barely recognizable!  From pollen-less plants, to shades of white or red (red!?!) today’s sunflower is anything but an average garden variety ➡ Even if you do adequate research before buying seeds, you can still end up with unexpected results. Take a look:

American Giant Sunflower

Editted on Sept 19, 2012: While cleaning out an old email folder, I ran across the reply:

“From:Thomas Heaton ( Sent: Thu 4/05/12 11:27 PMTo: karen mulhern (

HI Karen, American Giant is single head.  Kong is branching. Tom”   So what to make of this mystery?  Perhaps Kong got mistakenly placed in the Packet?  End edit of Sept.19

Now for some happier updates!

Artichoke Leaves with Lizard

Opuntia the Greek is under here somewhere!

Madagascar Palm

“I’m very happy in my new home!”

Amaryllis Rebloom!

Yaayyy! More flowers on the way!

And now to the last picture,  because it’s been a long time since I’ve shown you the pepper plants:

Green Bell Pepper Blossom

After resting for a month, with no signs of production, the Ranchero pepper plants are once again covered in little white blooms!  This one was particularly worthy of a close-up!

Until next time…..

Enjoy Spring!   🙂

8 thoughts on “Sunflowers and Updates!

  1. I like the smaller sunflowers that can fit in containers, although we grew a few big ones at a previous house. Hopefully you’ll get a response from Burpee, and maybe a credit for a better seed packet for next year!

  2. I love potering around your garden, so many things to see and revel in. So many beautiful flowers, shapes, colours to soak up – regardless if they are multi-headed! It will be interesting to see what the response is 🙂

  3. Sunflowers just make me happy, even when they look so sad and forlorn. Our sunflowers are a result of very sloppy birds who’ve thrown birdseed all over the place. Experimentally, I pulled 6 sunflowers from their original growth spot beneath the feeder and transplanted them into the garden…half survived.

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