Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

I’m sure you’ve heard of Depression Glass, the intricately designed kitchen dishes and serving bowls that were manufactured from the 1920s through the last mid-century. The pastel colors and ornate patterns distributed by companies like McKee, Jeannette, Hazel Atlas, Indiana Glass, and Paden City (to name but a few, phew!) have become quite collectible today. If I suddenly won a lottery–hard to do since I don’t buy tickets! :roll:–I’d track down service for 12 in Paden City’s Peacock and Wild Rose Pattern. Regardless of cost, I’d buy it!

In the meantime, I’ve amassed quite a few Depressionware pieces, arranged in  groupiings like this:

Depression Glass

Depression Glass Arranged for Display

The chip and dip set (far left) was passed to my mother from a neighbor sometime during the 1970s, and from my mother to me two decades later. The sandwich tray in the very back was an outrageous “steal” from the VNA Hidden Treasure Thrift Store here in Vero. Immediately in front of the tray is a bowl Ivana gave me after finding it at a local yardsale.  The yellow, etched, petit-four plate (on the stand, far right) and the lovely green handled candy dish were NOT outrageous steals; 🙄 I probably overpaid for those, but I rarely leave my favorite consignment store, Born Again, empty-handed!

I have another grouping arranged in the parlor:

Depression Glass Arranged in Parlor

When I see my items neatly arranged, I think about who might have used them, and under what circumstances.  Were their meals plentiful? Were the people in front of each plate happy or sad?  What current events were being talked about at dinner? And so on…and so forth..imagining the history of it all.

To put it in modern terms, each piece has its own blog, and I wonder about the authors.  So complex, these simple arrangements!!!

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  2. I never heard of depression glass, but I get what you’ve said on connecting with the past. You have a beautiful blog, thanks for dropping over by mine!

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