Let me tell you about our Easter!

In this post I ask:  “If you are greeted by an open Neomarica on Easter morning, can the rest of the day be anything less than special?

Neomarica Apostles' Flower

You are looking at a member of the Iris famiIy, commonly referred to as an Apostle Plant.   This unusual perennial sprouts long, sword-shaped leaves, one next to another, in fan-like formation.  After 12 leaves appear, a flower stalk emerges from the apex of a center leaf, revealing the fragrant bloom you see here!

As Scandinavian legend has it, the 12 leaves represent the Apostles, with Jesus rising in stunning glory from their center!  Such a portentous way to begin what Maggie and I later described as one of our BEST Easters ever! ➡ Were the boys able to share the fun (and sun!) with us, we’d have dubbed it “a perfect 10!!”

It all started with Brunch at the Disney Resort here in town:

Disney Resort, Vero Beach

The entrance above leads to the resort’s lobby. When standing on the veranda you can look across the winding pathway to a grass bocce ball field, beyond which is the beach. Oh look!  There’s my mother and her husband!

Rita and Dave

Isn't she so pretty!?!

And here’s a better glimpse of the path we strolled before entering the dining area:

Disney Vero Walkway

I was so thrilled with the seating!  Our table overlooked the above walkway and the ocean beyond the palms!  Really though, our undivided attention was on the ultra lavish buffet!

Because it was Disney, I expected their typical excellence, but the selection of foods far exceeded what we’d anticipated!  In addition to roastbeef and ham carving stations, there was a full seafood buffet with huge king crablegs (with nutcrackers, thank God!) supersized peel and eat marinated shrimp, crab-stuffed fillet of sole, several seafood and pasta dishes, as well as the most perfect salmon fillets I’d ever seen served alongside tortellini!  And let’s not forget  the eggs benedict, omelettes made to order, waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse, a ridiculous amount of varied fancy pastries, and many different fruit and vegetable offerings.  Included with each meal was either a mimosa or bloody mary, but I opted for coffee and water.  Right as we were ordering our drinks, my daughter and her boyfriend arrived. Our party of 5 was now complete!!!  Although I took this next picture after brunch, I’ll insert it now to show how lovely she looked in her Mad Men inspired Easter dress: 🙂

Maggie and Seamus Easter 2012

Esta does Easter in style!

Between  the main course and dessert (we forced ourselves, HA! ) Seamus took a very nice photo of my mother and me:

Rita and Karen Easter 2012

Taking a breather between courses! We don't want agita!

Dessert was pretty amazing: 6 different types of pie, carrot cake, red velvet cake, brownies, chocolate covered strawberries and totally over the top, this last one: soft serve ice cream sundaes!!!   Now don’t laugh 🙂 despite eating waaaayyyy too much, we paid the bill, and had the nerve to PUT ON OUR BATHING SUITS and spend the rest of the afternoon here:The pool at Disney Resort

Well, let me amend that a bit: my mother has too much class to don a swimsuit after a heavy meal. 😉  They said their farewells and left us to our own devices.

Right now I’m looking at the last picture I took yesterday and thinking about the question I posed at the beginning of this entry.   “If you are greeted by an open Neomarica on Easter morning, can the rest of the day be anything less than special?”   Needless to say, that answer is a huge, resounding NO! 😆

Cabanas on the beach at Disney Vero

A good time was had by all!

Until next time….. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Let me tell you about our Easter!

    • thank you! We’ve really enjoyed living near my mother again! She moved here 18yrs ago and as you know my daughter and I have only been in Florida for a little over 2. We always visited 3-4 times a year during school and summer vacations, but it’s not the same as living right down the street!
      The apostle plant bloom was a real shock! A gardening classmate gave me a few or her “extras” when she divided them after blooming—- I didn’t expect to see flowers for at least another growing season.

    • She has a tremendous sense of style, and being model-tall wears anything and everything really well! I bought that dress for her at a consignment store, if you can believe it!!! She’s a huge fan of that Mad Men tv show, and when I saw it I knew I’d found the perfect birthday present!

  1. What a wonderful way to start your Easter day. And then to top it off with lunch and family. Perfect! I remember brunches/lunches when I visited Florida oh so well, honestly I’d never seen tables so laden with delicious looking food.

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