Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

In a previous entry (or two) I’ve mentioned the lot next door being vacant, but prior to March 14, 2011, a generation of hopes and dreams lived on the other side of our fence:

an UN-vacant lot

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to share this “journey to demolition,” a story that began next door in 2009 via Florida’s Eminent Domain Process.  Although the landscape trees and shrubs were removed in May 2010, the house remained as-is for almost another year.

Alas, in March ’11, a John Deere Excavator and dump trunk rolled up, heralding the beginning of the end. I started taking pictures, shown here in slideshow format:

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. A sad, yet fitting, set of photos and thoughts for the theme challenge. I figure to some who lived on the land or in the house there was a piece of their heart that was broken with the demolition. I believe the indifference of progress is at times a heart breaker.

  2. It was really sad. I like the whole thought behind this post. If People lived on that lot for 27 years…. then even I also think that it’s not right to believe it didn’t matter…

  3. I would dwell on it too if I was close. It feels very sad to me that someones home with its memories should be pulled down. Especially because it’s so recent.

  4. I’m sure someone cared. I grew up in a military family, moving around all the time and as I got older, knowing I would soon lose access to even getting onto a base to LOOK at my old house. I recently learned the condition of one of my old “homes” – a former Air Force base in Upper Michigan that has essentially been forgotten and left to rot. My house is still there, now available for purchase, but from the looks of the place, it is no longer a home. This makes me sad.

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