Share Your World, Weeks 20 & 21

In early March, I followed a link to Cee’s Life Photography where I found the Share Your World project.  I missed participating last week–my oldest son is here for vacation and we’ve been outdoors each day, enjoying all that Florida has to offer!

Documenting the vacation!

Documenting the documentation of TC's vacation! 🙄

In an effort to catch-up, I’m answering 8 questions today 🙂 so let’s get started!

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

If this question is asking, “how old do you feel?” I’d have to say “ageless.” ➡ In the parade of life,  time marches on yet we’re always “at ease” on the inside!  I feel exactly the same as I did 10,20,30 (or more) years ago.

What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?

I’ve been ruminating on this question for the entire week, and I’ve chosen to share an ordinary “kindness” that held extraordinary meaning at the time.   During my Junior year in college I was an intern in Sen. Kennedy’s office in Washington, D.C.  I was unable to get home for Easter (Spring) Break and was alone for the week in the apartment I shared with 3 other interns.  In essence, I’d never been more than an hour’s drive away from home and never been “solo” in a big city apartment building!! It was exciting, lonely, exhilarating, scary…my feelings vacillated minute by minute.  When the Senator’s Press Secretary (a woman I knew fairly well from the political campaign) realized I was alone for the holiday, she invited me to Easter Sunday Brunch at her house.  She lived behind Capitol Hill near Union Station; I was clear across the city in Northwest, at Alban Towers.   She offered to have someone pick me up, but I adamantly declined–I wanted to test myself further by arriving on my own via public transportation, which of course I managed, no problem. A zillion years hence, every detail of this event is SO clear in my mind…Getting the invitation in the mail (my first non-family, non-friend invite!); deciding what to wear with no one around to ask how i looked; figuring out the holiday Metro schedule in the pre-google era; walking a good distance from the final bus stop to a house I’d never seen!!!   A co-worker’s simple kindness resulted in one of the biggest days of my life ➡  It allowed me to think of myself as an adult. HUGE!!

What was your favorite childhood television program?

Lost in Space!!!!  My love affair with Sci Fi tv and movies continues to this day!  “Danger, Will Robinson!” 😮

Which cooking utensil (other than the usual pots and pans etc) would you miss the most?

Let me show you what Maggie and I use instead of a colander! We just got this third-hand, old-time utensil last month and LOVE it so much:

Old time mini-strainer!

Perfect strainer when cooking for 1 or 2!

Now that I’ve caught up with the rest of you, let’s answer Week 21’s questions!

If you were having difficulty on an important test and could safely cheat by looking at someone else’s paper, would you do so?

No, because if I’m having trouble with it, everyone else is most likely flunking! I typically do well with anything school related.

Since adolescence, in what three-year period do you feel you experienced the most personal growth and change?

Definitely the three years I’ve been here in Florida!  Life is very different now!  My bills are manageable, my house is smaller, and the sun is out so frequently it’s hard NOT to feel positive on a daily basis.  Also, my kids are all grown up now, so the daily responsibilities of cooking/laundry/cleaning have lessened.  I can read more, think more, do “whatever” more!  Since I’ve been here I look forward to every single morning, afternoon and evening which sure as h-e- double toothpicks wasn’t the case a few years back!!  🙂

If you could change one thing about your home, what would you like to change?

Well, since I just raved about how great life is in a small house, I feel ridiculous saying I need more space! (not for living..for storage!)  I would like the cellar and/or laundry room from my old house to suddenly appear at this address! 😉

If you were given a yacht today, what would you name it?

Now this is a FUN question and quite easy!  I would name it: Estas’Sea! for two reasons: Maggie and I are Esta and Esta..and Estas’Sea! sounds a bit like “ecstasy” which is the state of mind we’d be in upon receiving a yacht!  😉

Until next time….

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  1. Such marvelous questions. WOW!! I love your Easter story. It is amazing what a small act of kindness can do to another person. I also love your yacht name!

  2. I fid strainers to come in handy in my kitchen too. 😉 I’m finally catching up again on blog posts. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

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