Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Since February, we’ve noticed a Florida Box Turtle roaming the yard. Over the past few weeks, she’s been omnipresent and not exactly camera-shy, posing for great close-ups:

Florida Box Turtle head and hands

Whoa!!!  Those “hands” have some serious claws!!

Florida Box Turtle front left limb

The bones in a Box Turtle’s front limbs are similar to a human hand, with 4 fingers and a thumb!

Florida Box Turtle

Note the scraped carapace: evidence of prior confrontations, perhaps?

A box turtle nest?

Could this be a turtle nest?

Florida Box Turtle

Her body language said, “Go Away!!” 😉

Turtle Astaire!

31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

    • me too!!!
      Thanks for dropping in! I know how hard you’re working on your book, so I really appreciate time taken away from it! Although I don’t always comment on your blog, I do read every entry you post.. i’m finding your process as interesting as your characters!
      Thanks again for the comment!

    • I will definitely! She’s been scarce these last days…,maybe because she finished all the nesting behaviour, so now goes back to her normal habits? How often does yours roam around during midday?

      • She is usually out and about (sunning) most days, though I was away for a few days and have not spotted her since I came back on Monday. I’ll keep looking out…lol!

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  5. Love these turtles. The photos just breathes fun, excitement and a wonderful discovery. I saw a turtle one time walking on a lawn, I excitedly brought it home and placed it in our pond. Days after, it ate all the lilies. We finally decided to find a lake and let it find a real , natural home. It was a beautiful moment.

    • hello! such a nice comment, thank you!

      You are so right about it being a wonderful discovery, and I’m happy she’s settled into the backyard! I feel silly admitting this, but until the day I watched her move FAST, I believed the cartoons and fables of my youth ➡ I didn’t think she could!! how embarrassing!!!

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