Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

I haven’t posted since last Friday?!!?   It’s amazing how FAST the days are going!  I’ll show you the photo submissions first, then do a catch up on how I’ve been spending my time. 🙂


Imagine seeing THIS(!) peeking over your doorframe?!!! Eek! 😯  Look what Ivana texted me yesterday at 7am!

Close Encounter? 😉

Ewwwwww, that hand ❗ Talk about “ET phone home!!

Right around the time she texted me, I was in the garden where 15 minutes earlier, it was very close to sun up:

Close to Sunrise, 639am, June 19, 2012

Close to Sunrise, 639am, June 19, 2012

Red morning skies supposedly predict unsettled weather and that was definitely true yesterday: clouds rolled in by mid afternoon with rain that was steady and lingering. But that’s okay, because everything looks healthy and very, very green:

Summer Solstice 2012,  Vero Beach, Florida

Incredibly green for first day of summer!

Summer Solstice 2012, Vero Beach, Florida (pic 2)

Summer Solstice 2012, Vero Beach, Florida

This is the third spring/summer I’ve spent here and so far it’s been the lushest. Even the oyster plants  have lost their brown and brittle edges. Some have begun blooming:

Tradescantia spathacea

Small, white flowers will emerge from the purple boat-shaped bracts.

(I’m feeling a need to break into the narrative and explain something.)

Ordinarily, I don’t combine “updates” with weekly photo challenges–it confuses the tagging and categories and makes for wierd reading–but this time I’ve got a good reason!  Yesterday, my laptop developed serious issues: error messages, screen freezes, peripherals not working…you name it, it’s all going wrong! 👿  Right now, it seems reasonably stable 🙂 so I’ll.continue….

Take a look at this:

Aloysia Virgata Bush

The fragrance from this Almond Bush is incredible!

This Almond Bush started as a medium sized (18″ tall) cutting in spring, 2011!  After two heavy prunings, it STILL measures over 5 ft high with an early morning scent that’s almost overwhelming!  In this climate, it grows (and flowers) throughout the year, so it’s hard to find a “right” time to cut it back–I hate sacrificing the blooms!

Another topic I’d like to mention is blog awards. Recently, two bloggers I greatly admire have passed awards my way. The first was from Laura at Serendipity: the second from Laurie at A Taste of Morning. I’m unbelievably honored to have women with the qualities they possess reading what I write, but recommending me to their readers via award nominations? That goes waaaayyyyy beyond anything I EVER considered! 💡  Please understand, ladies, how grateful I am, but after much thought, I’ve decided upon an award free blog.  Your “likes” and comments are the best awards I could ever receive!!

Until next time……


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

  1. Your garden is looking wonderful, and yes I too find that days can easily slip past into weeks when you busy yourself with something. That frog photo reminds of of last year when I was watching a movie on my laptop, and a centipede crawled across the corner and down the back … there were screams-a-plenty coming from me

  2. You plants and flowers are amazing. They reflect the love, attention and care you give them.
    I hope your pc problems are remedied soon and you can get back to enjoying the internet more comfortably.
    I’m with you on the award free blog. I’ve not regretted my blog being award free. To me the comments and visits are the best awards of all. 🙂

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