Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Since last weekend, we’ve been stuck under the outer bands of Tropical Storm Debby.  This excessive precip worked wonders on seeds I’ve been growing in pots, and softened the ground SO MUCH: ➡ ideal conditions to create a new flower bed, and move some other plants around!

New Canna Bed (foreground)

Rear Flower Beds (New Canna area in foreground)

Canna Bed, Close-up

Three years ago, I received 4 canna lilies as a housewarming gift. They naturalize SO fast I can’t keep up with them: even after giving away 30 (yes 30!!!) I still have as many growing in various spots around my front and back yards!  Although only one has visible leaves now (behind the white paver in the above photo,) I dug up and divided 7 rhizomes to begin this new bed. In a few weeks I’ll post an updated pic to illustrate their growth rate!

Admittedly, these beds don’t look like much…the cement pavers don’t even match, 🙄 🙂  but by summer’s end they’ll be all but invisible. The ground here is sandy and pavers tend to sink as the plants behind them rise!  Why spend money on things no one sees!?  When I create, I like using whatever I have around (or can get for free!)

Something else to show you 🙂

Remember the day I planted bald cyprus trees? I was all excited by a wild morning glory vine I’d found, and took a cutting?   Here it is, transplanted in the other bed along the back fence:

Ipomaea Cairica

Ipomaea Cairica aka Mile a Minute Vine 😉

The tiny cutting I planted really DID grow fast! It’s just about ready to climb the trellis I created by unhinging a “screen” we got (for free!) when a local clothing shop closed last summer.  Here’s a better look:

A repurposed retail screen becomes a trellis

If the “trellis” looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen my passiflora scrambling over it’s disassembled other half!  What once held scarves and purses, now holds flora…gives real meaning to “going green” now, doesn’t it!? 😉  If anyone is curious about the other flowers pictured… from foreground to rear, they are:  Amaryllis , Snapdragon, Kniphofia Tritoma, Mexican Petunia, Snapdragon, Amaryllis. With the exception of the Amaryllis, all were started from seed in containers and transplanted to the garden over these last rainy days.

So there you have my “creations“….to see how others interpreted the challenge, click on the Zemanta provided links below.

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

  1. Wow, I can’t believe how well that vine is doing! I’ve been meaning to ask you about it and kept forgetting. I’m so glad you updated us! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Loving your creations! the blue trellis is brilliant and will look great with all those vivid colours around it. And I know what you mean about Cannas and their ability to grow and grow – but I bet yours are fab in the Florida heat!!

  3. Wonderful to see people with a passion for gardening, can’t wait to see what it looks like later this summer when everything fills in.

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