Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment on the Street

On June 18, 2012, I took a photo I KNEW would work for some future weekly challenge; I just didn’t expect it would happen this soon….or  be such a perfect fit!  Here it is:

Great Egret, at Jaycee Beach in Vero Beach

Great Egret, at Jaycee Beach in Vero Beach

There was NO time to set this photo up! We were sitting in what accounts for “local traffic” (3 cars turning into beach parking! 😉 ) when we heard a flutter of wings!  Maggie yelled, “OMG, get a picture!” so I did!  There was time for only 2 quick shots before the bird flew off at the same moment we entered the carpark ➡ my favorite British word!

I can’t imagine a more “fleeting moment on a street” than one involving a feathered friend!  To learn more about the Great Egret, click on the information at the Cornell University Ornithology Website.

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment on the Street

  1. Very cool! Forget set-up, this is one of those ‘right place at the right time’ pictures which makes it even more special.

  2. Amazing shot! That’s one Big Bird! The Brits have lots of great words–I married one and it keeps me quite entertained. Like living in an episode of Coronation Street.

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