Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This week’s challenge asks that we share a photo that makes you dream, so when I noticed this picture of two 9 year olds on my Facebook Timeline, I knew I’d found my shot.  Taken in 1998, you might recognize one of the little girls as a younger Maggie (yes, she was lanky even then! ;))  At the time, she and her chum were one year into a friendship I suspect will be lifelong.

2 friends 1998

What dreams may come?

The unstructured, round faces of not-yet-tweens, looking at bugs on a sunny, spring day!  I LOVE this terribly blurry shot taken by a teacher during a school trip to Duffy Field.

The neighborhood in which their friendship formed was  exactly what you’d expect of a residential enclave in urban New England: 100+ yr old streets, and homes with big, leafy trees. The park in the photo was equidistant from both houses, a pretty, winding street away, and they’d stroll to meet each other there.  Together they hatched plans, discussed boys, and created a haven away from family turmoils, which were eerily similar in both young lives.

friends 2009

They grew close and grew up! 🙂

In the way of true friends, they lend support when dreams are shattered, and celebrate when they come true!

friends in florida

Their only impossible dream? Being more beautiful….inside or out!  😉

Eternal Flame by the Bangles was a popular song when Maggie was born. Although written with romantic love in mind, the chorus applies beautifully to any solid friendship:

Say my name sun shines through the rain
A whole life so lonely
And then you come and ease the pain
I don’t want to lose this feeling

I hope you enjoy the song, set to Disney animation in honor of the 9yr olds who watched these movies and inspired this post:

Until next time…..


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