An Update! (Finally!)

Immediately after writing my last blog post, I came down with a vicious headache, bodyaches and fever that lasted a good 2.5 days. Yesterday, I was back to my old self again and tried to blog, but WordPress would NOT cooperate!  Every uploaded picture refused to appear…paragraphs weren’t aligning…nothing was working!  Whether the issue was WP related or due to my decrepit PC, another day ended sans update! So frustrating when technology thwarts us!!!…..I threw in the towel and watched some DVR’d eps of Ice Pilots NWT instead! 😉

Anyhow, I’m back to try again: here’s the news and it’s BIG!!

Maggie got engaged on her trip to Ireland!! Her fiancé has dual citizenship and while they were visiting his family there, he proposed marriage (ring from Boodles!)  Exciting, yeah?!?  On Sunday, we celebrated at one of our fave spots for Champagne Brunch, the Disney Vero Beach Resort.  I almost begged off because I still wasn’t feeling great, but in retrospect am glad I didn’t ➡ it was the first real food I’d had since early Friday and I felt MUCH better afterwards!  Apparently the old adage of “starving a fever” isn’t the wisest choice and the Farmer’s Almanac agrees. 😉

Speaking of “farmers”, let me share my latest blooms, starting with Plains Coreopsis grown from seeds purchased at Dollar Tree (3 pks for a buck!  yipYIP!!)

Plains Coreopsis July 23, 2012

I had no expectations for these flowers because the packaging offered ONLY an artist’s rendering of the flowerhead; no mention of type of foliage or expected germination/growing times, either! 🙄 You get what you pay for?  Nevertheless, I’m pleasantly surprised by how fast they appeared and how strong they seem. I scattered the seeds (with the wildest abandon!) throughout the yard and they’re doing well in both sun and shade beds with very little care required!

In the Ranchero, an unknown, lone gladiolus appeared late in the season, and began opening on July 20.  I’d love to identify this beautiful, purple-tinged hybrid!

bicolor Gladiolus, unknown cultivar

If anyone knows the name of this cultivar, do share! 🙂

The next shot is a twofer: Beach Sunflower behind a pot of Dendrobium orchids:

Beach sunflower with DendrobiumThe Beach Sunflower is a new addition to my vine wall. In March, I received 2 tiny pots with cuttings from a gardening classmate and what you see is growth from a single tiny container! (The other pot, planted in front of the house, has also spread liberally.)  The Dendrobium is a different story entirely: I’ve had it more than 18mos. but have yet to see it flower.  I’m extremely new to orchid growing and just discovered I’ve kept it waaayyyy too shaded. I’m currently acclimating it to small amounts of sun each day to avoid burning the leaves. By next week it should be ready for day-long filtered sun under the Hong Kong Orchid Tree alongside brassias that are spiking nicely.  Maybe “Denny” will pick up the hint! 😉

Mexican Petunias are workhorses in Southern gardens; they grow and bloom prolifically.  I’m not wild about these wildflowers but they DO lend color on days when fancier, catalog-ordered cousins give up the ghost.  Although on the list of Florida Invasive Species, I’ve recently seen this perennial for sale at big-box and other nursery outlets..Go figure!

Mexican Petunia aka Ruellia Tweediana

This category 1 invasive should NOT be encouraged!

I’ve raved about this next vine even before it bloomed! Now that it’s flowering, I’m positively smitten:

Mile a Minute Vine starting to bloom

Ipomoea Cairica (aka Mile a Minute Vine) just started twining around the trellis!

So that’s the news from this end: if it uploads when I click “Publish,” you might even get to read it!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂

26 thoughts on “An Update! (Finally!)

    • thank you! I so rarely get sick……like SOOOOO rarely…and if I do, it’s with slight sniffles. Last weekend I think God was reminding me “don’t take it for granted!”

    • Thanks! I like the boy a lot, too! They are so suited for each other AND he treats her so respectfully. One of my hugest worries is that my kids choices in partners would be all screwed up from not having a good male role model. So big sigh of relief over this one! 🙂

    • Oh, i hear you!! I pay cash for everything and have been saving for a new laptop for a few months…probably will buy it in the next few weeks. I’d like a tablet this time but it’s prob not as practical for blogging. Big decisions! 😉

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, but what lovely news to share with the engagement!
    And the garden is certainly blooming. I know what you mean about workhorsse plants, they do exactly that – work an dfill in those gaps! Happy gardening 🙂

    • hey Claire! Nice to see your kind words!
      Britain is all agog in Olympics these next few weeks! Did you catch the opening ceremonies!? Your man Boyle did your country PROUD!! Outrageously good use of technology in that stadium, and such interesting and exciting transitioms as he walked the world through UK history! Big WOW!!

      • Thank you! We certainly did watch the ceremony, with friends, had a great night, a late one and a few glasses of wine 🙂 We loved it, I thought it was crazy and bonkers and beautiful. But I did wonder what the rest of the world made of it!!!! and thanks again, honestly ALL the feedback I’m hearing is ALL positive from the Uk so yes I’m proud 🙂

  2. Congratulations Maggie!!! That’s so awesome. I wish you & the future Mr. Maggie all the happiness in the world. Ireland is such an enchanting place and a perfect place to get engaged. 🙂
    Your flowers and plants all look so happy. You have a marvelous green thumb. I love the dollar store seeds. I bought some 50¢ seed packs and was nicely surprised at how well they did… and yet our expensive corn and beans was monster-stubborn and took 3 plantings before they began to grow. So you just never know.

    I hope you’re feeling better and are back to your perky self. Bless your heart.
    Take it easy. Don’t over-do and relapse. Have a pleasant weekend.

    • What a nice comment! Thank you, on all counts! 🙂
      Dollar store seeds ain’t bad 😉 I just picked up an entire windowsill herb garden for a buck….lol…how crazy is that, yeah? (And this time the packaging is rather upscale looking!)

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