Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

While deadheading a stand of Super Cosmos yesterday, I noticed something small and blue as I reached inside the leaves: a Cassius Blue Butterfly!! wow!!  If not for the angle of sunlight passing through the wings, I might’ve missed my first sighting EVER of this beautiful, resting creature. I ran inside for my camera, hoping it wouldn’t fly off!

Leptotes cassius July 25,2012 Vero Beach, FL

Leptotes cassius theonus,  July 25, 2012  Vero Beach, FL

The wingspan of Leptotes Cassius measures less than an inch; such a tiny butterfly ❗

Leptotes cassius pic 2 July 25,2012 Vero Beach, FL

Both sexes share striped undersides with two eyespots on each hindwing. Females have wings that are bluish-white to white, with broad dark borders on the front and a dark spot on the rear margin of the hindwings. Based on these descriptions, I think I saw a female…you go, girl! (and right after these pics, she did 😯 )

In April, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the Cassius Blue as a “threatened pollinator,” an action that allows state and federal governments to develop and implement species recovery plans. One of the best ways to improve butterfly survival rates (short of rounding up iguanas 😉 ) is by growing larval host plants, but I seem to have that covered:

Plumbago hedge

Plumbago is a favorite host plant for Leptotes Cassius who deposit their larva inside

As you can see, I have Plumbago in spades 😉

Until next time….

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. Gorgeous! I haven’t seen one like that in my backyard! Nice, too, that she sat around waiting until you got your camera. Very convivial. ; )

    • Thanks,E.C.! Digital sure make lucky moments.easier! 😉

      Remember the old days of film cameras? Never would have gotten the shot if I’d had to find the camera, check its batteries, and then hope there was empty film inside!

    • My daughter saw your “bad summer” first hand. She was in Galway for a few weeks in July and said it was colder/rainier/darker than previous summers she’s been there. Such a shame, especially when the season is already short!

      Thanks so much for commenting and I’m glad you liked the pic!

  2. I wish I could grow plumbago. It looks gorgeous. Your pictures are beautiful. Do you set the topic for the weekly photo challenge? What a great idea.

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