My Very First Wordless Wednesday!

Today marks my first participation in Wordless Wednesday!

I’ve been rather busy these last few days but there’s always time for a picture (or two!) of a favorite local “nightspot.”

Manatee Observation Deck, Royal Palm Pointe Park, Vero Beach

Manatee Observation Deck at Royal Palm Pointe Park

Sunset at Royal Palm Pointe

Sunset, Royal Palm Pointe Park

Royal Palm Pointe is equally pretty in daylight:

Until next time……

🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “My Very First Wordless Wednesday!

  1. These photos are so pretty! What part of Florida is that? My family used to visit south Florida quite a bit, and my husband and I used to go to Palm Beach (for work) years ago… they had a fountain kids jumped in that was just like that. I love those.

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