Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

I love, love, LOVE this week’s challenge topic! It allows me to share a bit of my “backstory,” a 21st century scratch on the wall about my urban roots.

A brief word re: the pictures below: NONE of them are my own. I discovered a wonderful photographer via Flickr, whose many shots so perfectly captured the urban environment, I had difficulty selecting the “best” ones!

Let’s begin!

I grew up in Everett, a working-class, blue-collar city adjacent to Boston.  Our street, Fremont Ave, was situated near the top of Lawrence St., in a section known as Hospital Hill.  From any backporch on the odd-numbered side of the street, you could see the entire Boston Skyline, the Shipyards, and Logan Airport.  On exceptionally clear days, a tiny corner of Revere Beach was even visible!

boston panorama 12 July 2007

Fremont Avenue is comprised of two-family homes. For 17 years my family rented in two different flats on this street. The yellow house in the photo below shows the second apartment we called home; we lived on the second floor. If you look between the houses, you’ll notice a bit of the urban skyline through the haze.  🙂

everett massachusetts

Now let me zoom out, so you get a feel for the densely settled urban area that is Metropolitan Boston North:

Mouse over the center of the above picture….When you see the word Whidden, you’re above my old house! 🙂

Wave and say Hi!  😉

Until next time…….

🙂 🙂

Again many thanks to Scleroplex for the great pictures!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

  1. I’ve never been to Boston, but maybe someday. New England’s the only part of the country I haven’t seen much (except for one trip to Maine).

    • I know you’d love New England. If you get up that way, I suggest seeing Portland, ME as well as Providence..don’t limit yourself to just Boston.
      When we lived in central MA., Providence and Boston were equi-distant, so we spent a fair amount of time exploring what was unknown to us in R.I. It’s a teeny tiny state with A LOT to offer!

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