Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

I had a tough time deciding which way to go with this challenge!

My first idea was a photo of Hula-Hooping Senior Citizens (for real!!🙂 ) but I missed the shot.

Next, I considered a picture I snapped last year of two lizards “doing like they do on the Discovery Channel” (getting freaky in the backyard is DEFINITELY free spirited ;) ) but I feared you’d label me classless…or worse!

Then there was the butterfly/bird approach, but I’d rather not compete with REALLY good submissions like this one


I started thinking about free spirits closer to home, and found the PERFECT candidate:

TC as the Cat in the Hat

“Attention Dollar Tree Shoppers! Free Spirit in Aisle 2!”🙂

LOL…funny, yeah?

When I think of free spirits, I imagine creativity, enthusiasm, lack of guile and a dash of recklessness.  My oldest son has all of these qualities in spades!

TC Skateboarding

TC, Jaycee Beach May, 2012

Free spirited people are forever young at heart!  I like that!🙂

I hope you all enjoy the video!

Until next time….


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

  1. Ah my Roddy, I’ve loved him since I was about 16 and in 2010 and slept in the same bed as him! unfortunately it was the week after he’d been in it🙂🙂🙂

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