Wordless Wednesday: September 12, 2012

A month ago, I bought an unusual “clearance” orchid at the local Winn-Dixie.. The first of 6 buds opened yesterday:


Lila Mystique, Sept 10, 2012

Want to know more about this orchid?  Click the link above the picture!

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20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: September 12, 2012

  1. If there is anything more beautiful than a virginal white phalaenopsis with faint blushes of gold I’m a brass monkey. I’m sorry, I can’t understand how someone could imagine a blue version would be an improvement … 🙂

  2. Ah there it is! and apart from the blue leaves it looks exactly like the one in my kitchen. These are the main variety we can get here and of course only survive indoors.

    • They’re really pretty, yeah? I like the pure white alot!

      I’m new to orchid growing and only recently learned that phals will rebloom within 8-12 weeks if you cut the spike below the spot where the last flower grew.
      It’s best to leave two nodes (the brownish lines) on the stem for better odds: one of them should initiate some new growth leading to flowers!
      I’m DEF trying this after the flowers die!

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