Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Jaycee Beach is one of my favorite local spots: nice boardwalk, great little breakfast/lunch joint, and gorgeous scenery, near and far. 🙂

Jaycee Beach, 3/18/12

I took this picture from the stairway near the guardshack.  At the far end of the shot, note The Village Spires, the only 12 story buildings in a city where  “Sunrises not High Rises” is a hotly debated tourism slogan. (To see the photo in greater detail, check out the header.)

Just for fun, I’m including a short video, filmed from the opposite perspective: Far is the new Near! 😉  It starts just before The Spires, ends at the stairway, and in-between you get a little tour of the shops and Ocean Drive.


Until next time……

🙂 🙂

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

    • I used to think the “Sunshine State” phrase on FL license plates was silly…..like how sunny could it be? Then I moved here and understood…Relentless! Not that it doesn’t rain…it pours…but never more than an hour or so, and then it’s back to sunny, which for me means the garden or beach. 🙂
      Re: your snail pace comment…I see you’ve been busy commenting on my other posts, too…looks like you’re all caught up!

      • True…though the changes are hard to hold off. At Waihi Beach [20 minutes from my house] it is frightening what is happening. This gorgeous little beach community now boasts mansions along the foreshore worth millions. it is losing all that made it perfect as Aucklanders come down and build the million dollar ‘holiday homes’ that stand empty most of the year. I hate it.

  1. Wow!! I like the way you have connected your picture with the title. Its wonderful!! Loved your pictures 🙂 Thanks a checking out my blog and following me 🙂 Love!!

  2. How beautiful beach. I love boardwalks and this one seems to be so great. I cannot wait for summer after seeing Your photos, although fall is creeping slowly now.

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