Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

My everyday life is simple, small, and full of happiness. 🙂   I hope today’s pictures convey these feelings.

Living in Florida is like being on vacation 365 days a year…seriously!!!  Much of my everyday life is spent outdoors, with the ocean a preferred destination:

Sandcastle, Humiston Beach, Vero Beach, 3/17/12

In fact, one beach day last fall, I got wildly creative ;), carved my boys’ nickname in the eroded sandwall and texted this digital “postcard”


Skipppppyyyyyyy!!! Miss you both!!! 🙂

Like I said…..my everyday life is small! 😆

I also enjoy spending time under the oaks at Riverside Park, Vero Beach’s premiere location for festivals, picnics, or dolphin watching on the Indian River

Under the oaks at Riverside Park, Vero Beach, 9/6/12But sometimes, the weather won’t cooperate, or I prefer to stay inside. When I’m home, scenes like this next one are typical of my everyday life:

Clarisse on the couch, March, 2012From the airy light in the parlor, to Clarisse on the back of the couch, everything about this picture makes me feel good! 🙂

Of course, cooking and eating are part of everyday life, too.  Occasionally, Maggie and I make dinners worthy of a photo:

Crab Quiche

Yum!!! Crab Quiche, my mother’s recipe, along with Maggie’s salad of spinach and peppers from our garden!  (I could lie and say we made the bread too, but that’s all Publix! ;))  This recipe is SO simple.

Crab Quiche Recipe IngredientsCrab Quiche Recipe Instructions

‘Twas quite the laugh preparing this meal!!!  Never underestimate how LONNNGGGG it takes to dice onions with 1 dull paring knife and steak knives from the Dollar Tree!We chopped and chopped and diced and chopped some more, adding bunch after bunch to a measuring cup that refused to fill up!!  Around 730pm my mother called to see how it turned out, and I was like, “Call back at midnight, we’re still chopping these damn onions!”   “What??!!” she asked incredulously,”you just buy them pre-diced at Publix…You didn’t know?!”

Obviously not!  🙄

But as you see in the picture (taken at 1012pm!!! ha!!)  the finished product was wonderful and we had a lot of silliness over it!

My thinking is this ➡ Everyday life can be boring and crappy or enjoyable and fun…it’s all in the attitude you bring to it!   🙂

Until next time……

ps. Clicking on the recipe photos will enlarge them for easier reading!

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

    • Hi Gilly!
      Making big dinners is largely a thing of my past! So many of my recipes are too heavy and huge and not that adaptable for one (or two if Maggie’s eating at home) Consequently, I make alot of chicken now or use my little grille for fish and various bar-b-q skewer combos on days I want to keep cooking heat out of the kitchen!
      Since writing this post though, I’ve got a hankering for quiche! 🙂 Could be on my menu this week….pre-sliced onions, of course!!!!

  1. I love your everyday life! Lucky you in Florida. Sweet is the texted digital postcard to your boys, Clarisse snoozin’ on the sunny couch, hey! under the oaks in Florida who woulda thought.. 🙂 and Crab Quiche, sweet is what it all is in your everyday life. This post makes me smile! A kitty in your everyday life makes every day special. CH, my husband, loved your drive down Ocean Drive!

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  2. That is my ultimate dream, 365 days of vacation. Every time I visit Florida, something tells me that I should live there one day. The last time we went to Clearwater, I felt like I didn’t want to leave. My wife said,” but there’s more typhoons and hurricanes here than Texas.” But I said,” But it’s like were always home where we are close to the sea.” She was silent. May be it will be a yes years from now. Great post!

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