Roots and Routes!

Today’s post is somewhat eclectic, with photos of my recent flower blooms, an interesting news item, and a look at Syngonium podophyllum, the invasive Arrowhead Vine:

Syngonium Podophyllum aka Arrowhead Vine

Hey! Who let a yellow Coreopsis in here! 😉

Arrowhead vines are rainforest plants from Central America, not native to Florida yet vigorously adapted to the area.  If planted in-ground, they quickly edge out native ferns and understory plants via thick “runner” stems that root as they go

Syngonium Podophyllum runner stem with nodes

Each node can develop an extensive root system

Large sections of St.Lucie and Indian River Counties are swathed in this plant…it even climbs over trees. 😯  In 2003, the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council declared S. Podophyllum a Category I invasive species….and not a moment too soon!

And now to routes of a different kind. 🙂

I’ve heard of rolling hills….but never rolling gardens ❗

Bus Roots started in 2010 as an NYU thesis project, so this isn’t exactly new “news;” just new-to-me. 🙂   I discovered it yesterday in a 2011 blog post and was intrigued!  If you’ve seen the bus, or know anything current about the concept, please leave a comment!  (My efforts at research went nowhere!)

In closing, I have a few photos to share:

First Ludwegia Peruviana bloom of the fall, with Garden Tiger Moth

This yellow flowering shrub is one of my faves!  Seeing a tiger moth in the same shot was a pleasant surprise!

Dendrobrium Orchid

When I purchased this Dendrobrium Orchid in January 2011, it was half dead, with NO hint of previous bloom spikes. (It was 75% off though, so worth it! 🙂 )  19mos have passed since then…..finally, the reward! 🙂

Until next time……

Happy October 1st! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Roots and Routes!

  1. That’s interesting about the Arrowhead vine. It reminds me of our Chameleon Ivy. Awful. We’re still digging away at it. I think it will curse us for the rest of our days here. The bus was cool. I’d never heard of that, although I have seen gardens on building roofs, so why not?

    I love October.

  2. I remember reading your posts about that evil ivy! Pain in the you-know-what, for sure! 😉
    October in MA. was one of my most loved months…leaves so pretty, crisp air, football games!
    Thanks for stopping in with a comment!

  3. These are all beautiful. I wanted to share this in your About paged but wasn’t able so here goes, “Thank you. Your journey inspired me to face my challenges with full courage and a hopeful heart. The past 10 years felt like 30 years. I learned so much, cried so much but then I too have laughed, loved and felt happiness so much! I wish you all the best on your journey with life.”

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